Let it be

Rest in paradise Sophie

Today Sophie committed suicide and passed away.
She was so strong for so so long and held in there longer then we could all imagine, she felt she lived a life that was unbearable and today her illnesses got the best of her. By reading all these kind and caring messages from all her sweet and loving followers, you all definitely contributed to keeping her going all this time. By reading all these suicide notes and personal posts, we wished we noticed earlier, it was a planned tragedy.
Sophie was always willing to reach out to others and help them, yet she suffered to do so with herself. “Practice what you preach” as she would say. I still remember the day Sophie rang me a couple of months ago, balling her eyes out. She confessed to me that she was developing an eating disorder and needed help. I was so relieved for her to call me. Out of everyone she knew, she confessed one of her darkest secrets to me. I felt so helpless as I balled my eyes out with her. Sophie and I went through a lot of similar mental health problems, however Sophie struggled a lot more. I always prayed for her to see her self worth and grow to love herself, just like i did, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Sophie had a heart of gold and will forever have an imprint on everyone’s hearts. I love you forever Sophie. I will fly to hawaii for us one day, surf the waves like Alana Blanchard, and do yoga under the moonlit sky. Love your girl chrittdogg egg xxx

Yesterday I was in hairdressing class with sof and she constantly kept saying, “if they’re going to re admit me into hospital monique I’m killing my self, no joke.” But she said it oh so subtly, and little jokes like “dude at my funeral I want the song Get Free, Will Sparks remix hahaha.”
I colored sofs hair that day and it was her first time and she asked me to dip dye it, so I did and she loved it because she felt so so pampered, I loved seeing her so so happy. Her little comments like “I might as well color my hair because I’m leaving anyways.” I saw the signs but didnt want to believe it, nor did her bestfriend, soulmate her absolute everything, Tynan. She keeps him going and he always what kept her going this far down the road.
Today was the day, the final answer as to whether her eating disorder had gotten the best of her, or if she’d conquered this horrid disease.
I got told by her father earlier on today that she was free, it was over, for now. I felt a sign of relief, but hours later she went missing. No trace of Sophie anywhere, phone rang out and messages were ignored, Tynan and I knew, deep down we knew but didn’t want to believe that this could ever happen, not like this.
The message that destroyed me and so many others, “she’s gone monique” I didn’t want to believe it but all signs fell together.
Our sweet sweet angel taken far too soon, you were and still are the most amazing person we’d ever met.
Always have and always will love you endlessly our sofa,
Rest easy you blissful soul.
1996 - 2013.


queued :))


queued :))

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I just want someone to fight for me :(
I want someone to love me
To appreciate me
To recognize me
I have so much love to give but no one wants it

People go on about how going to school is so much effort and they’re struggling with it alot and I don’t doubt they are but dude I struggle to stay alive, everyday battling these ravenous mental illnesses
Struggling to live with myself because I’m a Hazard to my own body

Boy oh boy do I wish I just struggled with school alone
You guys almost have it easy

Sometimes we get sad about things and we don’t like to tell other people that we are sad about them. We like to keep it a secret. Or sometimes, we are sad but we really don’t know why we are sad, so we say we aren’t sad but we really are.
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I hope I know what Im doing

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Waking up is a terrible tragedy

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12 -  always, life is way too short to stay mad or whatever 
13 - not really but when i do, boy oh boy does it suck
14 - no i do not